Other work:

Matemática en un minuto: PageRank (2012) (In spanish)

A one minute video explaining the idea behind Google's PageRank algorithm (joint work with Elbio Castro).

Geometría hiperbólica plana (2012) (In spanish)

A short (the current draft has less than 40 pages) introduction to plane hyperbolic geometry for graduate students. It covers trigonometry, Gauss-Bonnet, the Anosov property of the geodesic flow, the Tits-alternative for Fuschian groups, and the construction of Patterson-Sullivan measures.

Curso de teoría ergódica en Barranquilla (2014) (In spanish)

A one week ergodic theory course consisting of 7 hour and a half lectures.

Random walks at Notre Dame (2015)

A 4 lecture course about random walks on discrete structures. The notes (a preliminary version of which are available here) were later published as a chapter of the book Dynamics done with your bare hands.

Speed of random walks via Furstenberg type formulas (2017)

I gave a talk at the 31st Coloquio Brasileiro about calculating/estimating the speed of certain types of random walks using methods coming from Furstenberg's theory of i.i.d. matrix products.

Curso de Cálculo (2018) (In spanish)

A video lecture series on Calculus. The current version has 42 videos.